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HGH Booster Tablets

Rejuvenate 2000 is excited to introduce the latest addition to our internationally successful line of unique anti-aging products. HGH Booster Tablets (a special new formulation of Human Growth Hormone releasers and stimulators) is the perfect compliment  to Dr. Safron's original HGH formulas. 

This special blend of HGH releasers and stimulators was specifically designed to magnify the HGH absorption of our time tested liquid HGH formulas.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to fight aging . . . we have the solution you’re looking for.  Let your body use it’s own natural ability to help you return to your youthful vigor, we’ll show you how, with Rejuvenate 2000's new HGH Booster.

What are HGH Stimulators?

Studies have established that as the body's own growth hormone releasing patterns are more closely mimicked, results become more profound.  Recognizing the importance of restoring growth hormone to optimum levels in this manner leads us to examine the effects of natural secretagogues (hormone precursors or releasers).

Natural secretagogues otherwise known as hormone precursors combined with Homeopathic HGH may be our best hope for raising growth hormone in an entirely natural manner because together they stimulate the endocrine system to release its own growth hormone.

In a process called “stacking” that is, packaging the right nutrients in the right proportions and taking them at the right time, you can derive optimal benefits- without using synthetics and needles. 

"Combine DR. Safron's original HGH formulas with "HGH Booster" and it becomes, by far, the most effective natural anti-aging program on the market today." 

 We have spent 4 years researching the perfect balance of ingredients necessary to achieve the optimum results.
Among the HGH-releasers are the amino acids.

Arginine is an essential amino acid, meaning it is not manufactured in the body; it has to be supplied in the food we eat.  Claims for Arginine include an increase in fat burning and muscle building.  Arginine strengthens the thymus gland, increasing its weight and activity, boosting immunity and fighting cancer.  It also promotes healing of burns and wounds while generally protecting and detoxifying the body.  Finally it enhances male fertility.

The amino acid Lysine boosts the effectiveness of Arginine and affects growth.  On its own it has also been attributed with fighting viruses such as herpes.

Ornithine can be synthesized in the body.  Similar in structure, it can be made from Arginine.  It helps to stimulate HGH release.

Glutamine is a conditional essential amino acid.  While abundant and one of the most used amino acids, it may not always be made by the body in sufficient quantities in times of stress.  Without sufficiently available levels, the gut atrophies, nutrients are less well absorbed, and muscle and immunity are also lost.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), one of the potent stimulators of HGH-release from the pituitary to date, is a precursor to, and breakdown product of, GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate).  This is a substance that occurs naturally in every cell of the body, including the brain.  A nurotransmitter, it is involved in regulating the anterior pituitary-the place where HGH is secreted.

There is reason to believe combining Glutamine, Arginine, Ornithine, and Lysine will create an exceptional synergistic effect.

The Glutamine-Arginine-Lysine stack releases insulin as well as HGH (Growth Hormone).  Generally when HGH levels are rising, insulin levels are falling.  However, if it is possible to raise insulin levels at the same time as HGH levels, it has a very high anabolic effect.  That is to say the body builds up muscle and tissue, and carries out cell repair essential to reverse aging.

“You don’t have to increase growth hormone very much to get a 10% to 20% rise in IGH-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Type 1) levels, which can have a definite effect on the body”, adds Mauro DI Pasquale, M.D., world-class powerlifter and one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of anabolic and HGH-releasing compounds.  Insulin-like Growth Factor is at the other end of the growth hormone chain; it is the substance that actually produces most of the effects associated with Human Growth Hormone.  

"Dr. Safron set the standard of HGH products with our 1998 released of the first oral HGH product. From day one, our age and gender specific formulas stood out as the most unique concept in the industry. Since then, many have tried to duplicate our formulas with few successes left standing. We are excited about our latest addition to the Rejuvenate2000 line of effective anti-aging products. I have been taking HGH Booster for several months now and I am confident you will agree that it is the perfect compliment  to Dr. Safron's original HGH formulas."

Matt Jones - Founder

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